Passion for music’s evocative qualities has led one artist to refine his musical talents despite an enormous challenge: losing his sight. Jovan was born on Tuesday in the Westside of Chicago on November 26, 1985. His Grandparents, Willie and Otha Lacy knew when he was young that he was destined for greatness. He began to play the piano as well as sing in church choir at the age of six. There he learned to deal with his visual impairment and stay grounded to a higher power. As he got older Jovan discovered his undying love for music. He would often find himself harmonizing with the radio. Artist such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, Luther Vandross, and more influenced Jovan to better his craft. He started writing songs at the age of fourteen.One thing Jovan heard ever so often was he would never be good enough for the music business, however he kept working on his craft until he perfected his vision.With hard work and dedication throughout the years, Jovan now has a grasp on the ins and outs of music production such as mixing, editing, and even writing for other people. One of Jovan’s greatest accomplishments came on February 14th 2018, when he released his first solo album, “Not Made for these Times.” Which is a nostalgic album created through his vision. 

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