Marvell ‘’Mvee “ Jackson,
Born and raised in the city of Pride & Purpose, Richmond, Ca. Mvee got his feet wet in the music game in the late 80’s working as an intern for a local indie record label as a director of promotions & marketing. Mvee teamed up with DJGoodbeer to produce and executive produce The Kloake N Dagga album. In 1996-97 and also work with Goodbeer Productions as a stage tech and DJ for several community based events working within the non profit groups and agencies in the community to combat homelessness and encourage positive wellness in all communities. We have provided sound reinforcement and stage equipment rentals for local and International artists such as Dwayne of Toni, Tony, Tone, City of Richmond, Greg Ballard, TFYMINC, Stars Of Glory, Rick Alexander & Levi Seaser, and Total Lead Ministry just to name a few. M.V. began managing and producing in the mid 90’s local rap groups such as Known Felonz (RICHMOND,CA), Monae (OHIO), Ajai (R&B singer) (OAKLAND,CA) Co-produced Dap & Donte with DJGoodbeer, Kloake N Dagga (RICHMOND,CA) Fa Sho (San Diego).

After being away from the game for more than 8 years, Mvee A.k.a. DJ Velle Vell is back and ready to give you more and more of what we call FEEL GOOD MUSIC! Mvee currently released a new single titled “We Goin Out” featuring recording artists Dap Daniel, The Deffa Heffa, and Madi Graw.

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Twitter: @Velle_vell
Instagram: @Mvee112 deffaheffama

Studio: Guitar & Bass, Ruzell Simpson – Vicious Group Entertainment / Kadillac Room Studio